MaxCyte presents data on the use of flow electroporation to streamline antibody development and production


Gaithersburg, MD, January 13, 2014  – MaxCyte®, Inc., the pioneer in scalable, high-performance cell transfection systems, will be leading a series of events at Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 13th Annual PepTalk to be held January 13-17, 2014, in Palm Springs, CA. The highlighted event will be the introduction of the 2014 MaxCyte STX® Scalable Transfection System, a smaller footprint version of the original instrument with the same high transfection performance and capacity up to 2E10 cells. During the conference, MaxCyte will present data in both a scientific talk and a poster presentation that demonstrate how flow electroporation enables transient gene expression (TGE) for the production of antibody titers greater than 1 gram/Liter and for the rapid generation of high-yield stable cell lines. MaxCyte scientists will be available in Booth #308 throughout the conference to demonstrate the operation of the newly released 2014 MaxCyte STX and the MaxCyte VLX® Large Scale Transfection System for transfection capacity up to 2E11 cells.


“The 2014 MaxCyte STX was designed in response to our customers’ requests for a smaller footprint instrument,” says Dr. Karen Donato, Executive Vice President of Global Business Development and Marketing at MaxCyte. “MaxCyte engineers and scientists reconfigured the instrument while maintaining the same simple operation, high transfection efficiency, and high cell viability expected from MaxCyte’s flow electroporation platform. These key features of the MaxCyte technology enable high titer protein and antibody production, accelerating product and process development from the earliest stages into biomanufacturing.”


Dr. James Brady, Director of Technical Applications at MaxCyte, will present data on the use of MaxCyte’s unique flow electroporation technology to streamline antibody development in a scientific talk entitled, “The Impact of Scalable Transient Gene Expression: Maximizing CHO Antibody Production to Accelerate Project Timelines” Thursday, January 16, 2014 at 3:45 PM during PepTalk’s inaugural session on Transient Protein Production. MaxCyte also will present a scientific poster entitled “Scalable, High-Yield Protein Production via Flow Electroporation: Expanding the Use of Transient Gene Expression in Biotherapeutic Development” with data demonstrating the ability of the MaxCyte platform to achieve high transfection performance that translates into the production of high titer proteins and antibodies.


“MaxCyte’s unique flow electroporation technology provides a rapid and reliable platform for the production of high titer, multi-gram quantities of proteins and antibodies,” says Douglas Doerfler, President and CEO of MaxCyte. “This unmatched capability is instrumental in reducing the time and cost of biotherapeutic development.”


About MaxCyte

MaxCyte specializes in cell modification technologies to enable the discovery, development, manufacturing, and delivery of innovative therapeutic products. Drawing on its cell therapy expertise, MaxCyte designed a portfolio of products including the MaxCyte STX® Scalable Transfection System and MaxCyte VLX® Large Scale Transfection System, ideal tools for use in drug discovery research and screening and protein production environments. These products provide for the rapid development and consistent production of billions of (co)transfected primary cells, stem cells, and cell lines for protein and antibody production, for rapid response vaccine development, and for cell-based assays with comparable results and Seamless Scalability™ from the bench to HTS and pilot and production scale.

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