MaxCyte STX Antibody Production Shown to be Reproducible and Scalable


Gaithersburg, MD, March 31, 2015  – MaxCyte®, Inc., the pioneer in scalable, high-performance cell transfection systems announces the publication of its technical note, “CHO-S Antibody Titers >1 Gram/Liter Using Flow Electroporation-Mediated Transient Gene Expression followed by Rapid Migration to High-Yield Stable Cell Lines,” in the April 2015 issue of the Journal of Biomolecular Screening.


The article presents data demonstrating the reproducibility, scalability, and antibody production capabilities of CHO-based transient transfection using the MaxCyte STX® Scalable Transfection System. “Success for pharmaceutical companies depends on their ability to get to market quickly,” noted Dr. James Brady, Vice President of Technical Application and Customer Service, MaxCyte. “In this article, we show that within just 2 weeks of a single CHO-S cell transfection and with optimization of post transfection parameters such as cell density, media composition, and feed strategy, secreted antibody titers of >1 g/L can be achieved, which is equal to the production of multiple grams of antibody.”


Key results presented in the article include:

  • CHO-S cells transfected with a plasmid encoding GFP via electroporation using the MaxCyte STX displayed a 96% transfection efficiency measured via FACS and greater than 95% cell viability as measured by trypan blue exclusion 24 h after electroporation.
  • The average secreted antibody titer 2 wk after transfection for all 10 electroporation runs in unoptimized culture conditions was 409 ± 68 mg/L, approximately two- to threefold higher than published titers for other transient transfection methods.
  • Comparable antibody titers were produced for small- and large-scale electroporation, 417 ± 74 mg/L and 392 ± 63 mg/L, respectively, highlighting the ability to scale-up electroporation without negatively affecting antibody production.
  • The MaxCyte STX is a viable option for use in stable cell line generation, as exemplified by one clone that displayed sustained productivity as high as 27 pg/cell/d over a 21-day production period with a final antibody titer of 3.4 g/L.


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