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Exploring Electroporation 4: Screening

Navigate the challenges of Screening

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Many stages of pharmaceutical research and development employ screening to identify molecules that warrant further study. Often, a panel of genetic elements is delivered to cells to help find druggable gene targets. The genetic cargo itself can also be a potential medicine that must be transfected as part of an assessment of its safety or efficacy. Alternatively, cells may be used as factories to produce one or more components of a drug or diagnostic. Each of these experiments has unique cell engineering requirements and may require handling of sensitive, clinically relevant cells. Learn how the ExPERT platform of instruments offers the scalability and gentle cell handling to support a wide range of screening and diagnostic experiments.


  • A Fully Optimized CRISPR Workflow for Drug Discovery in T Cells
  • Genome-Wide Off-Target Effects of CRISPR-Cas9 in HSPCs
  • Electroporation Enables Oligonucleotide Delivery to Regulate Gene Expression


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