Research, Development and Production Applications

  • New design, MaxCyte Performance
  • Enhanced features to secure samples
  • Made of high-grade and inert materials to protect precious cells
  • Wells designed for efficient sample loading and recovery

Next Gen PAs work with: ExPERT STx and ATx, STX and ATX Instruments

Multi-well Processing Assembly

  • Research & development applications
  • Efficient 3 sample processing per transfection run
  • Easy cell recovery with V-shaped well design

Configuration: 3-well, 50 µL volume per well
Cell Range: 225 million to 11 million cells
Volume Range: 45 µL – 55 µL working volume
Use: Research Use Only

KG1a cells were suspended in MaxCyte electroporation buffer and mRNA GFP. Electroporation was performed on the MaxCyte GT instrument using the same protocol for all processing assemblies. Final volumes for R-1000 was 900 μL, OC-400 was 400 μL and CL-1.1 was 1 mL. 9 replicates were performed for the R-1000 and OC-400 and 3 replicates for the CL-1.1, with averages calculated for all graphs.

Catalog Number: ER001M1-10
Contents: 10 R-1000 PAs + 100 mL EP Buffer