About Us

Let collaboration with MaxCyte® be the spark that lights your way.

At MaxCyte, we share your passion for the discovery, development and manufacturing of next generation therapies, harnessing the power of living cells to transform lives.

We know that every research journey is full of challenges, but we believe that transfecting cells shouldn’t be one of them. With over 20 years of cell engineering expertise using our best-in-class electroporation technology, we’ve perfected the art of the cell-engineering workflow. We want to share this with you to enable pioneering research and chart your most direct course to success.


Our Vision

Together, we maximize the potential of cells to improve lives.

Our Mission

We build trust with our customers, and together we leverage best-in-class technology and expertise to solve the toughest challenges in cell engineering, bringing therapies to patients.

Our Core Values

  • We value and respect each other, our partners, and patients
  • We remain undaunted in our commitment to relieving the burden of disease
  • We dig deep, working together to understand the problem, and always find a way
  • We stay curious and connected, and never get complacent
  • We approach each person, each situation with compassion and transparency
  • We take pride in the excellence of our technology and the expertise we deliver


MaxCyte founded to commercialize Flow Electroporation® technology


Entered license agreements with researchers developing human cell therapies

April 2019

Launch of the ExPERT™ technology platform

Who We Serve

We partner with leading academic institutions, translational centers and biopharmaceutical companies worldwide, engaging in cell and gene therapy, drug discovery, gene editing and biomanufacturing.

Cell & Gene Therapy

One Unifying Voice

Now is the time to speak up.

At MaxCyte, we denounce racism, inequality, violence, coercion and discrimination in all forms.

We are committed to fostering workplace development, diversity, and inclusion (WDDI) within our own organization and across the biotechnology industry. We are dedicated to develop a diverse and talented global workforce, and understand the value that diversity contributes to the culture and success of any business. Diverse teams enhance collaboration, are more accepting of differences, and are also more effective in the global environment in which we operate, enabling the promise of next-generation cell and gene-editing therapies around the globe.

To that end, we affirmatively support the WDDI Principles adopted by the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), and pledge to do our part to foster diversity and inclusion among our employees, customers, patients and the communities where we operate.

We acknowledge as a company that we must hold true to our values and treat each other with acceptance, care and respect — and we must hold one another accountable. We must speak up when we see examples of racism, discrimination, and violence — and we must help break down barriers.

Now is the time to speak up. Now is the time to engage.