Navigating biologic production from discovery through bioprocess development to manufacturing presents a variety of challenges including low productivity, lack of scalability and extended timelines for stable cell line generation. High-efficiency transient transfection of virtually any cell type using the MaxCyte ExPERT™ platform enables the rapid production of an array of protein-based biologics including antibodies, recombinant proteins, vaccines, viral vectors and virus-like particles.

Flexibility to support more efficient bioprocess development

MaxCyte electroporation technology enables high-efficiency transfection for transient expression of multigram quantities of protein-based biologics and viral vectors.

  • Delivery of diverse payloads including:
    • Nucleic acids
    • Proteins
    • Small molecules
  • High cell viability for faster production
  • Seamless scalability with one transfection technology and your chosen manufacturing cell line
  • Streamlined workflow with optimized reagents and protocols
  • High-titer transient expression from gene to product in days or weeks, not months
Close-up Wave bioreactor set for Laboratory Reactor

Efficient GFP expression following pGFP electroporation of commonly used cell types

Achieve high titers with your preferred manufacturing cell type to de-risk development

The MaxCyte ExPERTTM platform gives you the freedom to use the cell type that makes the most sense for your project.

MaxCyte’s electroporation technology delivers high transfection efficiency and cell viability for high titer transient production in your manufacturing cells. This means you don’t have to risk derailing your project when switching from an R&D cell line.

MaxCyte’s ExPERT platform enables reproducible transfection of many cell types commonly used for protein production including:

  • CHO and CHO-derivatives
  • HEK293
  • Vero
  • NS0
  • Insect
  • SP2/0

Enable lead progression in parallel with stable cell line development

A single, large scale electroporation with MaxCyte’s STx or VLx transfects a sufficient number of cells to split between batch culture and stable cell line development. Generating grams of purified protein or complex biologics by transient expression enables you to start chemistry, manufacturing and controls, as well as toxicology studies, within weeks of candidate identification instead of waiting months for material from a stable cell line. Because when speed to the clinic matters, every day of development time you save counts.


Research applications

Antibody & Protein Production

Accelerate biotherapeutic development with transient expression for gram-scale protein production.

Viral Vector Production

Transfect adherent or suspension cells to produce a variety of viral vectors.


Innovate vaccine research with our adaptable platform for production of recombinant proteins, virus-like particles and more.


Primary Literature
Engineering of CD19 Antibodies: A CD19-TRAIL Fusion Construct Specifically Induces Apoptosis in B-Cell Precursor Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (BCP-ALL) Cells In Vivo
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Potent Bispecific Neutralizing Antibody Targeting Glycoprotein B and the gH/gL/pUL128/130/131 Complex of Human Cytomegalovirus
Primary Literature
Identification of New Antibodies Targeting Malignant Plasma Cells for Immunotherapy by Next-Generation Sequencing-Assisted Phage Display
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