Technical Support

Whether you need engineering support for an instrument or scientific advice for design of experiments, our team of technical experts is here to guide you on the path to commercialization.

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Technical Support

Technical Support

Engineering and scientific questions during an experiment? Our team is always here to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have qualified Field Support Engineers who can visit for instrument maintenance, software updates, calibration or IOQ.

After logging in, navigate to the "?" or book icon at the top of the screen. The manual can be viewed within the software or exported to a USB or networked share drive.

The status of each process can be reviewed from the "Runs" menu in each run report. A troubleshooting package (TSP) can be sent to MaxCyte Technical Support for review.

After logging in, navigate to the "Support" menu, set the date range, and select "Save". Select your USB or networked share drive from the menu and select "Select" to save to that location.

We recommend annual calibration by trained MaxCyte personnel. Contact your local Business Manager, Field Applications Scientist (FAS), or Field Support Engineer (FSE) to schedule a calibration.