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The development of increasingly advanced biotherapies is generating substantial academic and industrial interest. With more diversity of choice, implementation of sophisticated cell manufacturing platforms and technologies can be time consuming, expensive and demanding of resources. To accelerate our partners’ therapeutic discoveries from concept to clinic, we take a collaborative approach at MaxCyte.

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We have spent over 20 years refining the art and science of electroporation and building our global team of cell engineering experts creating a best-in-class platform to support our collaborators. Technology alone won't get you where you want to go. And that's why we offer much more than just technology.


MaxCyte Electroporation Enables Faster Keratinocyte Engineering
This content was reproduced with the kind permission of Aaron Tward.

Shorten Development Timelines by Partnering with the ExPERTs

Our collaboration with the University of California, San Francisco enabled multiple process improvements:

  • Superior transfection efficiency while maintaining cell health
  • Highly efficient genome editing to eliminate cell enrichment and recovery steps
  • Flexible delivery of RNA and RNPs for multiplexed genome editing in multiple keratinocyte types​

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Optimized technology supported by scientific experts can deliver transformative results. We partner with cutting-edge academic institutions, translational centers and biopharmaceutical companies across the world to enable better treatments and cures to transform human health.

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