The industry’s leading scalable electroporation technology for high-yield, transient expression of complex proteins, vaccines and biologics

Rapidly transfect from 75 thousand to 20 billion cells

High efficiency enables flexible media strategies that can deliver significant cost savings

Improved yields for decreased development timelines

Proprietary Flow Electroporation™ Technology

Faster production of stable clones

ISO-certified and CE-marked

Product Features

Integrated Touch-Screen - Easily operate with just the touch of a finger.

Enhanced Software User Interface - Save time with updated software providing additional functionality and intuitive use.

Reduced Footprint - Bench-scale, modular equipment.

Network Capable - Generate and save run reports automatically onto a shared local drive.

LED Status Indicators - Quickly visualize instrument and run status with 6 colorful and clearly defined status modes.

Retractable Bag Hooks - Utilize convenient hooks for large volume processing and then fold them away when you don’t need them.

Elegant Design - Enjoy a modern, sleek appearance that fits seamlessly into any high-tech lab space.


Choosing MaxCyte® gives you more than just an instrument — you get the best cell engineering platform and a partner with the knowledge to support you to reach your research and manufacturing goals.

Supporting Products

Compatible Consumables & Accessories


R-20K Flow Electroporation MaxCyte’s Flow Electroporation Processing Assemblies are designed for automated processing with optional adaptability to closed-process workflows.


  • 5 mL to 20 mL working volume.
  • 200 Million – 4 Billion cell capability.
  • PVC Bag & Tubing.
  • Tapered bag design to allow maximum volume recovery.
  • 2 access luer locking syringe ports at both sample and collection bags.

Buffers Our proprietary buffer is available in multiple formats to address your workflow needs.


  • Use with all MaxCyte instrument platforms.
  • Made in a GMP facility.
  • Free of human or animal components.
  • 0.1µm filtered.
  • Meets technical, sterility and endotoxin specifications.

CL-2 RUO Transfect up to 20 billion cells in less than 30 minutes with this Flow Electroporation enabled processing assembly.


  • Shake flask to bioreactor production scales.
  • Closed system and biowelding compatible.
  • Flow Electroporation enables processing of up to 20 billion cells in 30 minutes.
  • Made of high grade and inert material to protect precious cells.

Px5 Workflow Rack Easily and securely hold, load, manage and transport up to 5 small volume Processing Assemblies.


  • Holds 1 to 5 small volume PAs (≤1 ml).
  • “To Do” and “Done” positions for tracking PA workflow status.
  • Durable, stackable, low footprint.
  • Withstands common lab disinfectants.

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Research Applications

Viral Vector Production

Transfect adherent or suspension cells to produce a variety of viral vectors.

Cell Based Assays

Produce assay-ready cells faster with scalable electroporation.

Gene Editing

Navigate the complexities of genome engineering with highly efficient delivery.

Antibody & Protein Production

Accelerate biotherapeutic development with transient expression for gram-scale protein production.


Innovate vaccine research with our adaptable platform for production of recombinant proteins, virus-like particles and more.

Learn how scientists are using the STx™


CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing for the creation of an MGAT1-deficient CHO cell line to control HIV-1 vaccine glycosylation

Gene editing of a suspension-adapted CHO cell line to enable production of suitably glycosylated HIV-1 proteins for vaccine development.

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