It is my great pleasure to announce that the 33rd Annual and International Meeting of Japanese Association for Animal Cell Technology (JAACT) will be held at the Fuchu Kyodo-no-mori Theater in Fuchu, Japan on November 17-20, 2020. We would like to solicit your gracious presence at this meeting, JAACT2020 Fuchu.

Fuchu is an old city located in the western area of Tokyo Metropolitan City. JAACT2002 was also held in Fuchu city, chaired by Prof. Yagasaki and this is the second JAACT international meeting held in this city. You can find some historical place and natures around the meeting place.

The recent progress in Animal Cell Technology is great and surprising. Many novel technologies were developed and applied to social implementation. Animal Cell Technology actually contribute to our daily lives and health. The motto of JAACT2020 Fuchu is “Animal Cell Technology for Health and Better Life”. We will focus on Animal Cell Technology on this aspect in this meeting. We are planning to have scientifically interesting plenary lectures, symposia, technical seminars and oral and poster presentations. I believe you can find something new in Animal Cell Technology by attending this meeting