G-REX® Grant Program

Maxcyte is excited to collaborate with ScaleReady on their G-Rex Grant Program, designed to propel the advancement of cell and gene therapies (CGT).

MaxCyte’s unique electroporation technology was designed for safe, efficient and reproducible transfection to enable the development and manufacturing of next generation cell therapies. We’re here to help you transfect virtually any cell type for any application, at any scale. Empower your research with our ExPERT™ instruments.


In collaboration with the G-Rex Grant Program, grant recipients are eligible to receive this exclusive offer:

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starter pack
  • 15% off ONE instrument of your choice for PRE-clinical work.
    (Existing MaxCyte customers, contact us for details on your exclusive offer)
  • 1 Pack of Non-GMP PAs of choice
  • 1 Complimentary ExPERT™ Platform Starter Pack ($800 value)
    • 5 Electroporation buffer, small
    • 1 Px5 Workflow Rack
    • 1 3.5Kx3 Loading Rack
    • 1 Backpack
    • 3 Stylus pen
    • 3 Stylus pen holder
    • 1 Timer
    • 1 Magnetic QR Code/Branded
    • 1 USB (512 MB)
    • 2 Permanent Marker

Leverage MaxCyte’s commercially proven platform and extensive expertise to minimize risks in your cell therapy programs.

Grant recipients can choose from any of our instruments shown below. Existing MaxCyte customers can contact us for details on their unique offer.



For small to medium scale R&D transfection

Advance your research with an electroporator designed for reproducible, high-efficiency transfection of 75 thousand to 700 million cells.



For complex proteins, vaccines and biologics

Decrease development timelines and costs with efficient, reproducible transient transfection that can delay the need for stable cell line development.



For cGMP manufacturing of cell-based therapies

Safely and efficiently transfect up to 20 billion cells with the only clinically validated electroporator developed with cell therapy in mind.



For gram scale protein production

Accelerate recombinant protein development with the ability to transition seamlessly from discovery to manufacturing.

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Terms and conditions: This exclusive offer does not include any service agreements beyond first-year coverage. It is applicable only to RUO (Research Use Only) products; GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) products are not included.  The offer is valid until December 13, 2024. Proof of grant ID from Scale Ready is required for redemption.

From Concept to Clinic with One Line of Consumables

Simplify your research and move novel therapies to the clinic faster using MaxCyte’s range of consumables designed to work at any scale from 75 thousand cells to 200 billion cells.