Webinar: Scalable Manufacturing and Nanovesicle Delivery of CRISPR-Cas9 Ribonucleoproteins Using a cGMP Compliant Cell Engineering Platform

CRISPR-Cas9 has tremendous potential as a therapeutic tool for treating human diseases. However, prolonged expression of the nuclease and gRNA from viral vectors in an in vivo context may cause unwanted off-target activity and immunogenicity. To overcome these safety issues, a system was recently developed for transient delivery of CRISPR-Cas9 ribonucleoprotein (RNP), recruiting Cas9 protein by chemically-induced dimerization and sgRNA via a viral RNA packaging signal into extracellular nanovesicles.

Broadcasted on September 17, 2020

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Peter Gee

Peter Gee, PhD

Senior Field Application Scientist
MaxCyte Inc.

Peter Gee is a Senior Field Applications Scientist specializing in gene editing and stem cell technologies. After completing a Ph.D. at the Institute for Virus Research, Kyoto University, Peter did his postdoctoral training in the laboratory of Akitsu Hotta at Kyoto University’s Center for iPS Cell Research and Application, where he developed delivery vehicles of CRISPR-Cas9 ribonucleoprotein complexes utilizing engineered extracellular nanoparticles.