Seminar: Non-viral Cell Engineering – Catamaran, CCRM and MaxCyte

About the Seminar

Register to delve into the future of cellular engineering by viewing the on demand seminar on Non-viral Cell Engineering from Catamaran, CCRM and MaxCyte. Our special guest, Catamaran Bio, showcases their innovative, transposon-based approach to CAR-NK cell engineering and demonstrates how MaxCyte and CCRM scientists helped enable their clinical development and advancement.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain valuable insights into how MaxCyte and CCRM's innovative platforms enable the efficient engineering of primary cells, stem cells, and many more cell lines.
  • Discover how our technology guarantees high cell viability and optimal recovery rates for a wide range of applications, including CRISPR, cell-based assays, cell therapy manufacturing, viral production, and so much more.

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Keith Wong

Director of Cell Process Development
Catamaran Bio

Keith is Associate Director of Cell Process Development at Catamaran Bio. Prior to working on CAR-NK cell therapy, he developed various formulations for drug substances and drug products at Rubius Therapeutics and supported CMC activities for first-in-human clinical trials. Keith completed his PhD in Biomedical Engineering at Boston University and postdoctoral fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital & Harvard Medical School.

Cenk Sumen Maxcyte

Cenk Sumen, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer
MaxCyte, Inc.

Dr. Sumen is MaxCyte's CSO since March 2022. Prior to joinig MaxCyte, he was CTO of Stemson Therapeutics, led tech, scale-up, process dev & automation at Thermo Fisher, and was a director at Hitachi Chemical. He has a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology from Stanford and is an Adjunct Professor at NYU Tandon.

Sakthi Moorthy, PhD - CCRM Advance Team

Sakthi Moorthy, PhD

Lead Scientist
CCRM Advance Team

Sakthi Moorthy earned her PhD at Anna University Chennai, India focused on functional genomics. Sakthi brings more than 8 years of research experience in applying CRISPR technology to generate genome engineered cell lines from her postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Toronto. Sakthi joined CCRM in January 2021, as a Lead Scientist and has actively contributed to generating “off the shelf” allogeneic cell lines for the development of cellular therapeutics. Sakthi is actively involved in developing processes for GMP gene editing that enable the efficient generation of genome engineered-cell lines.

Phil Beaudette - CCRM Bridge Team

Phil Beaudette

Lead Scientist I
CCRM Bridge Team

Philip joined CCRM in 2019 where he has worked primarily with viral vectors. His primary focus has been on increasing viral productivity through optimizing growth kinetics in conjunction with infectious titers. This work has been executed from small scale up to 10L stirred tank reactors. Previously Philip worked for over a decade in the biofuels industry, culminating in several visits to Brazil where he was involved with deploying the technology at scale in a production facility that was the first of its kind in South America.

Jess Keeley

Jess Keeley

Strategic Business Manager
MaxCyte, Inc.

Jess holds a degree in Biology from the University of Pittsburgh and has built a robust career in biotechnology. With roles at renowned companies such as Thermo Fisher, Biotage, and MaxCyte, he has extensively supported both industry and academic research labs in their cell therapy, gene therapy, and drug discovery workflows. Currently, Jess serves as the Strategic Business Manager for MaxCyte, overseeing the Northeast US and Eastern Canada regions.