Seminar: High Efficiency Cell Engineering

About the seminar

The High Efficiency Cell Engineering Seminar was hosted at Stanford University on Thursday, July 6, 2023, with Dr. Hyatt as guest speaker. In this seminar, we introduce the MaxCyte scalable electroporation platform, followed by applications-focused case studies.

Access the on demand seminar and learn more about how academic & industry labs utilize MaxCyte's platforms to efficiently engineer primary cells, stem cells, and cell lines all while maintaining high cell viabilities & recovery for applications such as CRISPR, cell-based assays, protein production, viral production and more.


Hyatt Balke-Want

Dr. Hyatt Balke-Want

Postdoctoral Fellow
Stanford Center for Cancer

Hyatt Balke-Want is a Postdoctoral Fellow with Crystal Mackall and Steven Feldman at the Center for Cancer Cell Therapy, Stanford since 2020. Prior to joining Stanford, Hyatt has been a resident in Internal Medicine and Hematology/Oncology with Michael Hallek (University Hospital Cologne) since 2015 and took care of the very first lymphoma patients treated with CAR-T cells in Germany. During his postdoc Hyatt has focused on developing a CRISPR knock-in based platform to manufacture non-viral CAR-T cells with the ultimate goal to increase the accessibility to CAR-T cell therapies for patients.

Lucy Yang

Lucy Yang, PhD

Field Application Scientist
MaxCyte, Inc.

After completing her Bachelor’s in Bioengineering at MIT, Lucy finished her PhD in Bioengineering at the University of Washington last year. Her research expertise includes drug delivery, DNA aptamers and chemistry, CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing, and polymer chemistry. Based in Seattle, Lucy currently supports our collaborators throughout the Pacific Northwest and the Bay area.

Genevieve Soares

Genevieve Soares

Senior Sales Manager
MaxCyte, Inc.

Genevieve Soares joined the MaxCyte family in 2022 after 14 years serving scientists in western US and Canada in various positions at PeproTech. As Senior Sales Manager in the Bay Area, she supports industry accounts in cell and gene therapy, bioprocessing and drug discovery. She is passionate about scientific innovation and supporting the scientific community in their continuous search to cure diseases.

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