Dendritic Cell Vaccines

Dendritic Cell

Effective dendritic cell vaccines require optimal antigen processing and presentation. MaxCyte® electroporation technology enables you to rapidly screen dendritic cell loading conditions using nucleic acids, proteins or cell lysates to accelerate the most effective therapy from concept to clinic.

MaxCyte and Medinet made dendritic cell therapy a reality

In 2006, Medinet partnered with us to develop innovative dendritic cell therapies with improved clinical efficacy. Medinet is licensed to use MaxCyte electroporation technology in the development and closed-system manufacturing of immune cell therapies, using protocols we optimized in collaboration. When you choose to partner with MaxCyte, you will get expert support and an electroporation platform with a proven track record supporting a commercially marketed dendritic cell vaccine.


Dendritic cells electroporated with tumor lysate induced a more potent anti-tumor response than cells loaded by coculture.

Reproduced from Weiss et al (2005) J Immunother; 28:542–550.

Produce dendritic cell vaccines with enhanced potency

MaxCyte electroporation enables you to easily control the amount of antigen you load into cells. This results in optimized cell processing and antigen presentation, which can enhance T cell activation and anti-tumor efficacy.

Efficient electroporation enables effective co-loading

As our knowledge of dendritic cell biology expands, so does your ability to manipulate them to make more effective therapies. MaxCyte electroporation enables co-loading of cells with lysate and siRNA or gene editing tools for more complex engineering.

The best dendritic cell vaccine may require knockins or knockouts alongside antigen loading, and our versatile electroporation technology lets you deliver virtually any molecule in any combination to any cell.


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Efficient Responses in a Murine Renal Tumor Model by Electroloading Dendritic Cells with Whole-Tumor Lysate
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Flow Electroporation for Vaccine Development and Production: From Subunit Vaccines to Ex Vivo Immunotherapy
Primary Literature
Immunotherapy of Autologous Tumor Lysate-Loaded Dendritic Cell Vaccines by a Closed-flow Electroporation System for Solid Tumors
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Electroporation Systems

Supported by numerous publications and clinical trials, our ExPERT GTx® instrument is the next generation of the industry’s leading, scalable electroporation technology for complex cellular engineering.

The GTx is capable of high-performance delivery of virtually any molecule, into any cell, at any scale with the unique ability to transfect primary cells, stem cells and cell lines with high viability and transfection efficiencies routinely over 90%.


Reagents and Processing Assemblies

MaxCyte’s consumable products provide users with a variety of options for project scale and throughput from discovery through cGMP manufacturing using a single platform. Our range of Processing Assemblies allows users to transfect a variety of cell sample volumes to meet specific application needs. MaxCyte’s Electroporation Buffer is animal-derived component free and safe for all cell types ensuring consistent, high-performance transfection.

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