Cell Therapy eBook Series: Exploring Electroporation

Exploring Electroporation eBook Series

Welcome to the "Exploring Electroporation" eBook series, a compelling journey into the heart of cell therapy innovation brought to you by MaxCyte®. Over two decades, MaxCyte® has revolutionized cell engineering with our Flow Electroporation® technology, setting new standards in transfection efficiency and cell viability. This series delves into the application of electroporation across four critical areas:

  • Immunotherapy
  • Genetic Diseases
  • iPSCs
  • Screening

Discover how our cutting-edge ExPERT™ instruments are empowering researchers to pioneer treatments for the most challenging conditions. From concept to clinic, learn about the seamless workflow and scalability that Flow Electroporation® offers, enabling rapid development pipelines that bring lifesaving therapies to patients faster.

eBook immunotherapy 3D

Exploring Electroporation 1:

eBook Genetic Diseases 3D

Exploring Electroporation 2:
Genetic Diseases

eBook iPSCs 3D

Exploring Electroporation 3:

eBook screening 3D

Exploring Electroporation 4: