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Exploring Electroporation 1: Immunotherapy

Navigate the challenges of immunotherapy development

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Navigate the challenges of immunotherapy development with MaxCyte. As our understanding of cancer biology advances, researchers have responded with increasingly sophisticated approaches to genome engineering. From multiplex targeting of cell surface receptors and immune checkpoint inhibitors to innovative approaches to homology-directed repair, unlock the promise of NK and T cell engineering.

Gentle electroporation ensures efficient delivery of diverse payloads to difficult-to-transfect primary cells, enabling high yields of precisely engineered cells for rapid and clinically scalable manufacturing.


  • A cGMP-Compatible Manufacturing Process for Highly Efficient T Cell Engineering
  • CRISPR Electroporation of T Cells Improves Treatment in Patients with Refractory Cancer
  • Multiplexed NK Cell Engineering
  • Electroporation of a Non-Integrative DNA Nanovector for Semi-Automated GMP Manufacturing
  • Delivery of Transposons for Highly Efficient CAR T Cell Engineering
  • Efficient and Scalable T Cell Engineering for Immunotherapy of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
  • Multiplex CRISPR-mediated Gene Editing Towards Creation of a Universal CAR T Cell
  • Engineering NK Cells with High-Affinity CD16 for Enhanced Combination Therapy to Treat B-Cell Lymphoma


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