Flow Electroporation® GMP Processing Assemblies

Flow Electroporation Processing Assemblies for GMP and clinical research applications

ExPERT™ GMP Processing Assemblies provide the scale and quality standards required for clinical research and production in GMP clean-room facilities. All Processing Assemblies are produced using high quality medical-grade materials that are thoroughly tested for function, sterility, endotoxin, and particulates. These products are included in our master file at the US FDA and similar regulatory agencies globally to support IND applications.

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Large-scale Flow Electroporation clinical applications


High volume clinical scales
Bioweld compatible; closed process adaptable
Electroporation processing of up to 20 billion cells in 30 minutes

Configuration: Closed system, PVC bags & tubing with luer locking syringe ports
Cell Range: 5x107 – 2x1010
Volume Range: 10 – 100 mL
Application: GMP applications & clinical research
Catalog: GCL-2


For complex cell engineering

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