Research, Development and Production Applications

  • New design, MaxCyte performance
  • Muti-well and single well options to fit a variety of applications
  • Made of high grade and inert materials to protect precious cells
  • Wells designed for efficient cell recovery

Next Gen PAs work with: ExPERT STx and ATx, STX and ATX Instruments

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First • Research & development applications
• Efficient 3 sample processing per transfection run
• Easy cell recovery with V-shaped well design
Configuration: 3-well, 50 µL volume per well
Cell Range: 225 thousand to 11 million cells
Volume Range: 45 µL - 55 µL working volume
Use: Research Use Only
Catalog Number: ER050U3-10 Contents: 10 R-50x3 PAs + 100 mL EP Buffer Graph Details: Primary human Natural Killer (NK) cells were collected from 4 individual donors and activated overnight in 1ng/mL IL-15. Next day, 3 - 4 x 106 NK cells along with 5 μg mRNA GFP and 45 μL MaxCyte Electroporation Buffer was loaded into each well of both the R-50x3 processing assembly and OC-100 used as the device control. Cells were electroporated on the MaxCyte GT instrument, then collected and cultured in 1ng/mL IL-15 media for 24 hours then assessed by flow cytometry. Graphs show the average results and standard error of cells taken from 4 individual donors electroporated with 5 processing assemblies, 2 used for the same donor, with each well of the R-50x3 analyzed individually. The negative control is the average of 4 samples. Experimental data courtesy of Dr. Todd Fehniger’s Laboratory, Washington University in St Louis, Department of Medicine, Division of Oncology with special appreciation to Pamela Wong.
Ordering Information Multi-Well Processing Assembly
First 1 mL, Sterile Well Processing Assembly • Low-scale production applications
• Optimization bridge to higher production scales
• Efficient & easy cell recovery with p1000 pipette tips
Configuration: Single-well, 1000 µL volume
Cell Range: 2 million to 200 million cells
Volume Range: 400 µL - 1000 µL working volume
Use: Research Use Only
Catalog Number: ER001M1-10 Contents: 10 R-1000 PAs + 100 mL EP Buffer Ordering Information Graph Details: KG1a cells were suspended in MaxCyte electroporation buffer and mRNA GFP. Electroporation was performed on the MaxCyte GT instrument using the same protocol for all processing assemblies. Final volumes for R-1000 was 900 μL, OC-400 was 400 μL and CL-1.1 was 1 mL. 9 replicates were performed for the R-1000 and OC-400 and 3 replicates for the CL-1.1, with averages calculated for all graphs.
R-50x3 R-1000