Case Study
From Roadblocks to Breakthroughs, Unlocking Clinic-Ready Efficiency

In this case study, Andrew shares a collaboration story about how we were able to help an established cell therapy developer who was struggling to achieve the necessary efficiencies needed to progress their product into the clinic. Through teamwork between the MaxCyte Field Application Scientist team and the developer's scientific team, they identified modifications to the knockout strategy, resulting in a significant efficiency boost from 15-20% to 90%.
This breakthrough allowed the developer to progress from a state of uncertainty to confidently initiating the IND process and proceeding to clinical manufacturing. The success underscores the importance of not only technological innovation, but also collaborative relationships in accelerating the delivery of life-saving therapies to patients.

Andrew Mancini, PhD
Senior Field Application Scientist

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Understanding Flow Electroporation

Electroporation is a non-viral transfection technique that uses electricity to relax cell membranes, allowing payload to enter. Our Flow Electroporation technology is uniquely designed to allow cells to flow through the processing chamber where discrete volumes are electroporated, then collected on a continual basis. This pioneering innovation makes genetic engineering at large scale a reality.