Our History

Since 1999, our non-viral cell engineering innovations have helped launch pioneering cell and gene therapy projects.

As advanced therapeutic modalities move from concept to clinic, new cell engineering approaches will emerge and mature. MaxCyte will continue to leverage our best-in-class electroporation technology and experience in the industry to support our partners in pushing the frontiers of bio-based medicines.



Doug Doerfler and Doctors Joseph Fratantoni and John Holaday started MaxCyte to commercialize flow electroporation technology.


Launch—MaxCyte GT® scalable transfection system

To overcome transfection challenges and enable cell therapy development and commercialization, we launched our first flow electroporation instrument, the MaxCyte GT Scalable Transfection System.


First licensing agreements

We began licensing our flow electroporation technology to companies developing human cell therapies, recognizing that our electroporation and cell engineering expertise was essential for partner success.


Launch—MaxCyte STX™ scalable transfection system

The development and launch of the MaxCyte STX Scalable Transfection System brought our powerful technology to the burgeoning areas of cell-based assays for high-throughput and high-content screening and preclinical protein production.


Joint collaboration and publication

“Clinical scale electroloading of mature dendritic cells with melanoma whole tumor cell lysate is superior to conventional lysate co-incubation in triggering robust in vitro expansion of functional antigen-specific CTL”

Wolfraim LA, et al. Int Immunopharmacol. 2013 Mar;15(3):488-97. doi: 10.1016/j.intimp.2013.01.009.


Launch—ExPERT™ platform

We brought a family of instruments—the ATx, STx and GTx systems—to the market as the next generation of clinically validated Flow Electroporation® technology for complex cellular engineering. With these additions to the product portfolio, MaxCyte continued its uncompromising focus on high performance cell engineering, while delivering feature enhancements that enabled customers to use a single unifying technology, from concept to commercialization.


Initial public offering

After decades of hard work and technical innovation, we became a publicly traded company listed on NASDAQ.


Launch—VLx™ system

We continue to advance our delivery technology with the VLx System, which revolutionizes protein production with true scalability.