Topic: Generating CAR or TCR T Cells to clinical scale in a quick GMP-compatible manufacturing workflow using nS/MARt DNA Vectors with MaxCyte Flow Electroporation


The compelling need to provide adoptive cell therapy (ACT) to an increasing number of oncology patients within a meaningful therapeutic window makes the development of an efficient, fast, versatile, and safe genetic tool for creating recombinant T cells indispensable. Despite the extraordinary efficacy shown by recombinant T cells expressing Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CARs) in numerous clinical trials, significant challenges remain, ranging from a long lead time, and expensive manufacturing to complicated vector-engineering, optimized gene expression and delivery, and reduced vector-mediated toxicities The DNA Vector Lab at the DKFZ has developed Nano-S/MARt (nS/MARt), a novel DNA Vector platform that combines prolonged CAR-TCR expression with minimal disruption of T cell activity. This antibiotic-free, nanovector technology uses scaffold/matrix attachment regions (S/MARs) for DNA vector maintenance and replication and it can be introduced efficiently into primary human T Cells without toxicity. When combined with GMP-compliant MaxCyte Flow Electroporation® and CliniMACS Prodigy™ automated cell processing, the nS/MARt platform enables the production of clinically relevant recombinant CAR or TCR T cells which provide enhanced anti-tumor activity in a single week.

Time: June 29th, 2021 11:00 am EDT(US and Canada)