Presentation: Which industry partner should I collaborate with? A scientists’ journey to implementing an innovative technology

This presentation was recorded during the ASGCT Meeting, May 2022.


At MaxCyte, we take a collaborative approach with our clients to rapidly drive their developmental efforts from research forward to commercialization, safely, and cost-effectively. We partner with cutting-edge academic institutions, translational centers, and biopharmaceutical businesses by providing access to our scalable cell-engineering platform.

With our best-in-class delivery system, our team of scientific experts helps our collaborators unlock the potential of their products by solving development and commercialization challenges. This session will feature success stories from two of our client advocates, Dr. Jonathan Yen and Dr. Alicja Copik. Their talks will showcase MaxCyte’s focus on high-performance cellular editing and our outstanding technical support to enable our customers to use a single unifying technology, from concept to clinic.



Dr. Jonathan Yen

Director of Therapeutic Genome Engineering (TGEn), St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
As the current Director of Therapeutic Genome Engineering at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Dr. Johnathan Yen has been influential in utilizing our technology from process development to cGMP-manufacturing during his tenure.


Dr. Alicja Copik

Associate Professor of Medicine at the Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences, UCF and Co-founder of Cyto-Sen Therapeutics, now Kiadis, a Sanofi company
Dr. Copik is an Associate Professor of Medicine and Core Scientist at the University of Central Florida. Her laboratory has developed a clinically relevant protocol for NK cell expansion that is simple, safe, economical, and effective, which can be applied in vitro or in vivo.


Lesley Eschinger

Director of Market Development, MaxCyte
Lesley Eschinger is the Director of Market Development at MaxCyte. She has been serving in this leadership role for three years managing all the global collaboration efforts. During Lesley’s tenure, she has initiated and directed over 45 successful partnerships with topflight scientists and key opinion leaders across various industries, including academic, translational, and biotechnology.