Webinar: Beyond Affinity-Antibody Discovery Optimization and Developability Screening from Mammalian Display Libraries

Clinical drug candidates must have not only appropriate affinity and target specificity, but also optimal biophysical properties. Using nuclease-directed integration, we constructed large mammalian display libraries where each cell contains a single antibody gene inserted at a single locus. IgG-formatted antibodies are displayed on the surface, permitting selection from the library of clones by FACS, which allows the selection for desirable binding properties in the final format. This system is uniquely sensitive to critical biophysical characteristics, such as aggregation propensity and poly-specificity, thereby enabling the detection and avoidance of problematic antibodies during the initial discovery phase.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about detecting and avoiding antibodies with problematic developability profiles during the early discovery stage
  • Discover IONTAS’ novel technology for displaying antibodies on the surface of mammalian cells for antibody screening
  • Understand how MaxCyte’s electroporation technology enabled the creation of large antibody mammalian display libraries

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Peter Slavny

Peter Slavny, Ph.D.


Peter Slavny, CTO at IONTAS and co-founder in 2012, is responsible for delivering the antibody discovery & protein engineering portfolio. Peter has led numerous successful biotherapeutic drug discovery campaigns, with several resulting molecules now entering the clinic. Before this, Peter held an academic (“post-doc”) position in Cambridge University and earned a Ph.D. in molecular biology (John Innes Centre, Norwich).